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Follow Your Heart




Adolf Hitler was charismatic and loved by millions. His words cut to the heart of the masses. Franklin D. Roosevelt was also a beloved speaker who reached his audience in a different way, largely by his radio “fireside chats.”
I’m certain most followers feel they are doing the right thing.
We all want to be a part of a whole, and I’m certain most of us like to feel we are good persons.

What do you feel is most important – to follow a leader or to follow our hearts?

1 thought on “Follow Your Heart”

  1. I think it depends on the leader and our hearts. Sometimes we need to find the compromise which is a third way with a different leader or an underground movement, which our hearts may not want to follow because of danger (or maybe that’s our brains, the part that is concerned with self-preservation). Right now, we’re stuck in the UK with a leader we’re not sure of, a situation that most people don’t like, and a problem with the media spreading untruths which mean that there’s a huge amount of turmoil because of the lies which were told by the anti-EU campaigners.

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