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To A Birthmother

In honor of all mothers. I wanted to show that many adoptees are willing to search their entire lives for the truth of their origins.

To a Birthmother

I lie here awake
Deep chasm of night
Thick curtains are drawn
To shield drops of light

The moon cannot speak
Inside this dark tomb
Blackness within blackness
My birthmother’s womb

Life passed by so fast
Prison now my bed
But thoughts now unleash
And dance wild in my head

I heard your sweet songs
Nine months in your care
Then gave me away
With your final prayer

I searched my whole life
How did I get here?
Oh, mystery woman
I command you, “Appear!”

I’m going to find you
My quest has no end
In death lies sheer strength
A new journey will begin

When I see your face
First thing that you’ll know
I’m thankful you gave me
A safe home to grow

And in this last hour
As night turns to calm
I’m glad that you gave me
The one I called mom.

-Diamond Mike Watson.

2 thoughts on “To A Birthmother”

  1. Beautiful poem. I wrote a poem to my daughter about being pregnant with her. I am a birth mother and we have been in reunion for two years. I was only 16 when I was pregnant and I remembered when I realized she had the hiccups. That’s what I titled the poem. 🙂 Now she sends me a little text when she gets the hiccups. ?

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