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Would I Be the Same Person?

Although I loved my adoptive parents, I always wondered how I originated on earth.  Mom and Dad we’re both fair skinned.  Dad was tall and slim.  I was olive complected with thick, dark, curly hair.  Dad’s nose was long. Mine was wide.  The Holy Bible always rested in the living room. 

Through the miracle of DNA and the help from miracle searchers, I found both of my birth parents at age 61.  My birthmother was a gentile from Indiana. My birthfather was a Sephardic Jew born in Aleppo, Syria. They both died before I met them. 

I am thankful for my adventure of an adoptee who spent my entire life searching for roots. But I often wonder who would I be, where would I live, and what holy book would I read if I were not adopted?

Would I be the same person?

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