To Adoptees: Enjoy the Ride of your Journey

At seventeen dad gave me his old car.   I was free to go anywhere.  While friends planned parties, I planned my first trip to Indianapolis to search for the woman who gave birth to me.  I would later find her, although deceased, nearly twenty years later. 

I met uncles, aunts, cousins, a grandmother and even two brothers and a sister who shared my bloodline.  

Twenty five years later I found another sister who had ‘vanished’ before she was one-year old. 

And finally I found my father, who was also deceased. Behold, my father was a Syrian Jew from Aleppo.  My forefathers came from a long line of rabbis. My great great grandfather was the beloved Rabbi Mordechai Abadi. 

I would never ask for a different outcome in my life’s journey.  Being an adoptee who was loved has given my life such deep meaning.

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