Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

2013 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond Winner!


Congratulations to Gage Butterfield, who won a loose diamond to give to his mother in the 21st annual Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest. The contest is in honor of all moms. Gage was chosen out of nearly 20,000 essays in the 6-12 grade division.

Positive words encourage and inspire us, and the contest is based on the power and everlasting benefit of these words. Gage recited his poem to his mom, Jennifer, on Diamond Day, May 10, 2013.

Stars and galaxies in her eyes,
more beautiful than the finest butterflies.
Mom is beauty and grace
all put into one face.

Gage Butterfield
Grade: 6
Crescent Intermediate School

5 thoughts on “2013 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond Winner!”

  1. Wow..just saw this post..my nephew Gage Butterfield, is such a sweet soul, and talented in every aspect of his life..music, literature and sports..a well rounded boy. Aunt Wendy loves you.

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