Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

22nd Annual Diamond Day Announcement

22nd Annual Diamond Day

Date: Friday, May 9, 2014

11:00am (Diamond Winner photographs and Presentation of Roses)
11:30am-12:00pm (Official Ceremony- Media Invited)

Gallery of Diamonds will award three Orange County students to receive a quarter-carat diamond valued at $600 each to give to their mothers in the 22nd annual Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® contest. Beginning in 1993 in honor of my adoptive mother the birth mother I had never known, the contest inspired nearly 20,000 kids to write words of appreciation for their mothers this year. Many other creative entrants receive natural gemstones.

The 2014 Diamond Winners

Grade 1-5 Winner Grade 6-9 Winner
Grade 10-12 Winner
Benjamin Pham Nikki Young Sarah Stern
She’s my night’s sweet dreams.
My angel in the moonlight watching me. My mom is the stars brightening the world.
Seamless ebony cascades. Fragrant lavender of warmth and loving care. Flaming phoenix of ferocity. Luminous exuberance. My goddess, my mother, my diamond. An artist, my mom has created my character, painted my personality. Colored by her values, I am proudly adorned with her signature.
Grade: 3 Grade: 7 Grade: 11
Roch Courreges Elem, Fountain Valley MacArthur Fundamental, Santa Ana University High, Irvine
Diamond Mom: Yuung Pham Diamond Mom: Xin Lin Diamond Mom: Hara

The mission of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond Contest is to give the opportunity for every child in the nation to express their original words of appreciation to their mothers. Positive words encourage and inspire us, and the contest is based on the power and everlasting benefits of these words.

For more information visit www.WhyMomDeservesADiamond.com.

Have a Brilliant Day,
Diamond Mike Watson,

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