Life Adventures

Know You are Loved

I remember getting choked up watching and old episode of Uncle Phil, where young actor Will Smith performs a scene showing his hurt when his father makes an excuse to walk out of his life again.

This scene touched the hearts of millions of people, including Will Smith himself, whose father abandoned him as a teenager.

As the founder of the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond contest, I realize the important ingredient of a happy society, and that is one in which kids know that they are loved.

The staff of my jewelry store are not social workers, but they are trained to provide a memorable experience to every winning family that comes to claim their gemstone prizes. Although gemstones are free with no strings attached, my employees offer jewelry accessories for mothers who wish to set their gemstones into a keepsake.

Whether or not a parent will purchase a mounting, our society becomes a little healthier from the brief moment that children will be praised for their achievement, allowed to read their positive words aloud to their mothers, and know that they are loved.

Only when we know we are loved can we love ourselves.
When we love ourselves, it is easy to love others.
When we love others, our world becomes our beautiful home.

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