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Raise Your Umbrella


Career Day at MacArthur Fundamental School in Santa Ana, California.

As my staff and I discovered the positive power of increasing a child’s confidence and self- esteem from praising their academic accomplishment, the raising of the black and white umbrella became a symbol of this newfound awareness. Why Mom Deserves a Diamond, Inc. had to define what it meant to “Raise Your Umbrella.”

As we brought this program into the school system, we realized that sometimes one must be dramatic to prove a point. Therefore, miniature umbrellas were brought to schools for students to feel the power of stepping outside themselves into a world of confidence and pride. As each student had the chance to lift the canopy above their heads, they realized they could become anything they wanted in life.

To Raise Your Umbrella, one must practice the following:

Understand that life will give you anything you ask.
Be prepared for everything that life is ready to give you.
Be prepared for a lifetime of success.
Always be positive.
Follow your passion, desires, and dreams.
Ask with confidence and conviction.
Strive for excellence.


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