Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

How Important is a Hug?


For twenty-three years, I have witnessed the loving interactions of tens of thousands of families who have come to Gallery of Diamonds jewelers for the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond experience. As a study in psychology, I would be an expert in describing the many ways mothers and their kids show affection for each other.

When a child reads their words of appreciation and presents their gemstone prize to his or her mom, there are so many ways a mother will respond. Some simply say thanks. Some cry. A small percentage may even ask,”Why didn’t you try harder and win a higher prize?” Then there are those that give their kids a giant hug. The striking thing to me is that a moms reaction will have nothing to do with the content of the words. What I mean is, it does not make a difference if an essay is eloquent or trite, deep or shallow, long or short, poem or prose. It also does not make a difference of the value of the prize won.

Moms show their love and affection in different ways. I do enjoy the interactions when a mom will embrace her child tightly. My own adoptive mother was a hugger, and seeing that helps me recall wonderful memories of when she was alive.

I do feel kids that are hugged are generally more self-confident and secure. I believe a hug, or simply the gesture of placing a loving arm around another’s shoulder is sometimes enough to demonstrate, “Despite the problems of the world, I love you.” And if it is difficult for one to use physical contact as a form of human affection, it is important to find other ways to communicate love, such as warm or kind words. But the most important thing is that kids “know” they are loved. This creates a wonderful society of young people who will grow up to accomplish tremendous things.

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