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We will find you, Deborah Kay

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September 4, 1994 is a historic date. At least for me. In the town of New Albany, Indiana, I met my birth family for the first time- uncles, aunts, a cousin, even a grandmother. We agreed to meet at my childhood home where my adoptive parents still lived. This might not sound exciting to you. I’m sure most every reader has spoken to their mother, father, brother or sister. Unfortunately, that first reunion did not include my birthmother, Betty Price. She had already died, and carried a dark secret to her grave- that I was stillborn. No one ever tried to look for me because they assumed I didn’t exist.

No words can explain my joy of seeing humans who had similar features as myself. I could see, hear and touch others who shared my bloodline. We compared eyes, noses, hair, and the way we talked with our hands. My birth family had brought a welcome cake especially for me. We exchanged stories of graduations, victories, and tribulations. We shared family photos and memories. I accepted the fact my birthmother had died, and the hole in my soul was filled in knowing my bloodroots.

More than a third of my life had already passed. I earned a degree, married, divorced, and began my own business. After believing I was an only child for the past 36 years I learned I was the middle-born of five siblings. The only problem was one sister was missing- Deborah Kay. She was born December 6, 1955 in Indianapolis. My birth family said she disappeared. Everyone had interrogated my birthmother. Did a social worker take her? Did a babysitter steal her? Did her ex husband kidnap her? Betty could never give a plausible explanation.

No police report was ever filed.

As a small infant, Deborah Kay vanished from the face of the Earth.
I didn’t want to ruin the party. I didn’t want to spoil everyone’s newfound joy. We were having such a good time! Should I have left well enough alone? Should I not dig up the past? Did something horrible happen?

Don’t worry, Deborah Kay. I have a lot of friends who are willing to help me. If you are still out there, we are going to find you.

Please share this. This is the last picture I was told was taken of Deborah Kay sitting on my birthmother’s lap. More details are on my blog or in my new book, “Moon Over Mountains- the Search for Mom” on Amazon. For an autographed copy go to

If you have any leads please contact me. Thank you.

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