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Questions for a President


Since I was a teenager, I remember my employers giving me a 30-day probationary period. Nowadays, it is called an “adjustment period.” This is necessary to benefit both the employer and the employee. It is an established time period to determine if an employee is right for the job and if the job is right for the employee. Both parties hope for the best, but sometimes it is later determined that a worker and a boss may not be the ideal fit for each other.

I wonder how this applies to the President of the United States. Should presidents have a trial period? Was there ever a president who declared, “This job may not be the best fit for me?”

A phrase I have heard many times in the past months is, “Let’s give Trump a chance.” We saw one side of him on the campaign trail, thinking he was simply playing the part he needed to win. We saw the same person when he became president elect, wondering why he still appeared to be campaigning with the same fierceness, disagreeableness, and divisive rhetoric.

Trump has been president for three days now and has still showed minimal effort in uniting our country with the hope and encouragement that we desperately need to hear. Because of a personality disorder called narcissism, Trump will continue to concentrate on his own personal accomplishments while insulting virtually every group of people that does not admire or agree with him. We cannot expect Trump to change. We must love him for who he is. I write this not with contempt or anger, but with compassion. We are who we are.

Question 1: Should a potential president be examined by the Surgeon General or the Army’s medical staff to determine their overall fitness, character, and mental conditions, such as personality disorders?

Question 2: Should there be an “adjustment period” for a president? If so, what should be the period of time?We The People

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