Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

2020 Why Mom Deserves a Diamond Award Ceremony

Gallery of Diamonds awarded two Orange County students with a quarter-carat diamond valued at $600 each to give to their mothers in the 28th annual Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® writing contest. Beginning in 1993 in honor of Diamond Mike Watson’s adoptive mother the birth mother he had never known, this year’s contest inspired 12,000 kids to write words of appreciation for their mothers. Diamond Teachers earned sterling silver garnet necklaces and Diamond Judges earned sterling silver amethyst necklaces.

Because of the pandemic the ceremony was conducted by the adjacent pond that is 20 steps north of the jewelry store. The winners recited their words to their mothers surrounded by squirrels, ducks, turtles and majestic canary island pine trees.

Brayden Nguyen, grade 8, presents his diamond to mom, Terre.

2020 is the the beginning of a bright and uncharted future. Therefore, although a rose has been the traditional corsage for Diamond Moms, this year moms received corsages made with orchid symbidium, ming fern, eucalyptus, and purple statice.
2020 Diamond Winners
Since everyone agreed that no misfortune would halt our legendary ceremony, we journeyed through treacherous terrain around the pond in the 4th annual Umbrella March.

On the count of three, everyone hold your breath, remove your mask, raise your umbrella and smile.

“Through any pandemic, protest, or misfortune that befalls us, our love and appreciation for one another must not perish.” Diamond Mike Watson.

Genevieve Raphael, grade 5, presents her diamond to mom, Gail.
The Fourth Annual Umbrella March.

For more information about the contest, call 714-549-2000 or go to www.WhyMomDeservesADiamond.com.

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