Why Mom Deserves A Diamond

Why Mom Deserves a Diamond

I began my career as a diamond merchant in 1982 in Louisville, Kentucky.  In 1991, I moved to California to establish Gallery of Diamonds.

I was adopted as a child, and although I loved my adoptive parents, I was always curious to know of my birth mother.  After searching for twenty years, I found my biological roots.  Unfortunately, my birth mother had died and I never did meet her.  In 1993, I wanted to give kids the chance to show their appreciation for their own moms, especially while they were alive.  I invited kids to participate in a writing assignment, entitled Why Mom Deserves a Diamond®. The contestant who penned the most creative essay would receive a diamond to give to his or her mother.

The contest would be in honor of my adoptive mother, my birth mother, and every mother in the world.   It would become an exercise on love, and would instill a moral to appreciate one’s own parents.  It would give kids a chance to honor their own mothers.

The contest became a vehicle providing self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment for children of all ages.   In today’s school system, kids are asked to do reports on presidents, explorers, and persons they do not know or who directly impact their lives.  The contest gives kids a chance to win an object of value, gives them the opportunity to think and ponder about why their moms are special, and teaches them the moral of giving.

In a deeper sense, the contest promotes love and a gift that never fades- a wonderful memory.  It helps us define the true meaning of the word mom.

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It is the wonderful memories of our mothers that bring forth the most creative expressions of love, and our mothers are almost always the common denominator of our hearts.   The contest has evolved into a type of ministry, in which kids from every socioeconomic background can be recognized for their creative writing achievements while becoming a little closer to their moms.

From its inception, the quest of Why Mom Deserves a Diamond, Inc. has been to alter the course of history by inventing a system to make sure all children in our nation will have the chance to creatively express their feelings about their mothers.

Visit the website: http://whymomdeservesadiamond.com


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  1. What a beautiful and big project of Love and Compassion! Congratulations Mike !!

    My mother gives a wonderful legacy when about thirty minutes before die, she told me murmuring in my ears ” What beautiful is Life my son” That was my own diamond for all my life and my children, grand-children and friends. Now I want to share with you as a present!

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